Electrical Maintenance for your Business

Why does your business require preventative electrical maintenance?

Over a period, all electrical devices and systems suffer from general wear and tear. In an office environment, it is crucial to keep your workplace safe for both your customers and employees, by scheduling in regular maintenance.

What is Electrical Maintenance?

What is Electrical Maintenance?

All Electrical work should be carried out by a fully licensed electrician. There can be different factors involved with electrical maintenance for your business. 

  • Testing and Tagging

Visual inspection of an electrical appliances to check for damage, then testing is carried out with a Portable Appliance Tester. Once the appliance has passed the test, it is then tagged to confirm. Information such as the tester, date and when the next date is due should be clearly displayed on the tag.

  • Monitoring Systems

There are many different types of monitoring systems used in businesses today.  Security monitoring systems, should be checked regularly to ensure they are working 24/7.

  • Exit and Emergency Lighting

Exiting and Emergency lighting is a crucial when it comes to helping customer and staff members find their way to their closest exit in the event of an emergency.  Exit signs clearly display the path of egress, whilst emergency lighting helps to guide the way when the mains power is no longer working. 

  • Standby Generators

There is not much use in having a backup generator if when the time comes, it is not kept in good working order.

  • Energy Management System/ Power Audits

An electrician can help by inspecting your business and building and provide and analysis of the use of energy consumption and provide ways in which you can help reduce and improve your business energy consumption.

Why is it important for my Business?

Why is it important for my Business?

Poor maintenance and broken electrical devices can lead to increased health and safety risks within a workplace. When all equipment is working correctly, there can also be additional benefits of regular maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Old, outdated, or faulty equipment can often use more energy than they actual require. By replacing components and fixing equipment, this can help save energy consumption for your business. 


Scheduling maintenance can often reduce the number of hours your employees are waiting around when equipment fails, and this can decrease the amount of downtime. Maintenance can be completed outside of office hours, to minimise the effects on your business. 

Repairs and Money

Preventative maintenance help to reduce the amount of spontaneous breakages of the electrical equipment, Emergency repairs can often be costly.

The Risks

The Risks


One of the most common causes of workplace fires is faulty electrical equipment. Overloading sockets or plugs, and equipment that is old and malfunctions can easily cause a fire.  It is important to ensure that all equipment is assessed for damage and is working correctly. 


Ensuring your building is appropriately light can also reduce the liability if a workplace injury was to occur. 


With the advances in technology, we often don’t seem to notice that a lot of our daily lives depend on electricity and ensuring that security systems are in good working order should be of high priority. Keypads and access systems always need to be working. As technology changes and advances, so too should your equipment.

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