How to Check for Bad Wiring

Signs of faulty wiring

Damaged, old and worn electrical wiring can cause issues and should be addressed immediately by a licensed Electrician, and you should not attempt to fix these issues yourself.

If your Circuit breakers keep tripping?

If your Circuit breakers keep tripping

If you are using an appliance or go to switch on a light and the circuit breaker trips, you may think by resetting the trip switch each time you are solving the problem. Or you can start to trouble shoot the problem. If it is an appliance that is causing the issue then this is a simple fix, by purchasing a new appliance.  But if it is a light then you should seek the advice of an electrician.

Flickering, buzzing or dimming lights?

Flickering, buzzing or dimming lights

Having the occasional flicker or blinking of lights within your home is normal, but if this is becoming more frequent then you should start to investigate the issue. 

Common Problems include:

  • Light bulb – check the light bulb is installed correctly and tighten to its full potential as they can become loose overtime and usage.
  • Loose plug – make sure the plug is properly inserted into the power point.
  • Faulty light switch/fixture
  • Appliance requiring a large amount of power when being switched on

Serious problems:

  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Loose or outdated wiring
  • Issue with utility service
  • Meter box or main service cable connection

Damaged Wiring

Damaged Wiring

A broken or damaged wire can cause immediate failure to the appliance or equipment it is connected too. If you can see a visibly damaged wire, please switch off the power at the mains and disconnect the appliance from any power source. If your wiring is hard wired in, please seek the assistance of an electrician who can use his equipment and knowledge to safely fix the wiring issue, especially as most wiring issues are hidden behind walls

Discolouration, scorching, smoke and smells

Discolouration, scorching, smoke and smells

If you notice any discolouration, smoke or can smell smoke coming from a power outlet, this is a sure sign that there is something seriously wrong with the wring.  Be sure to pin point the exact location to make it easier to trouble shout the problem, if you have a breaker switch for that circuit it would be a good idea to switch this off. Then call your local Electrician to attend, to help resolve this issue, before it becomes a more serious problem, which can cause major damage to your home. 



Overheating of appliances is unfortunately a common cause of household fires. By adding dedicated circuits for large appliances like ovens, dishwashers, washing machine and dryers, can reduce the risk substantially. If you notice any of these signs below please contact a licensed electrician for advice.

Overheating appliances can be caused by these common factors:

  • Excessive current
  • Poor Connections
  • Insulation Breakdown

Signs an appliance is overheating:

  • Smoke
  • Frayed cords
  • Broken power outlets
  • Appliance is warm to touch

Help to prevent overloading your circuit with these helpful tips:

  • All major appliances should be pushed directly into the wall, or hard wired into their own circuit. Do not use an extension
  • If you are using too many extension cords and power boards, this is a sure sign you require more power outlets installed.

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