The Importance of Exit and Emergency Lighting

In the event of an emergency fire situation breaking out in your building would you know where the nearest emergency exit would be for you to escape?

Making sure your employees and visitors feel safe in your business is extremely important.  In Australia the installation of emergency/exit lights are in place to provide a safe path of travel during an emergency. 

The installation of an LED Exit light gives peace of mind, knowing that your building is fully compliant and up to date with current Australian standards, which are designed to keep the general public safe in emergency situations.

If a power outage occurs, the path of egress must be clearly lit, and sign posted.  Emergency lighting in stairs and hallways can provide assurance and assistance during a black out. It’s amazing how light can provide an instant calming affect during what otherwise is a stressful time, and the exit signs clearly show people where they must go, when an evacuation occurs.

The Importance of Exit and Emergency Lighting » Exit and emergency lighting

What is an Emergency/exit Light?

An Emergency or Exit light is a light fixture that runs from your main power system and is installed with a built-in battery backup that turns on automatically when there is a power outage.  Emergency lighting is required to meet the Australian Standards AS/NZS 2293 parts 1,2 and 3 and requires regular maintenance in order to stay compliant.  

You may be asked to provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement to your local Council or insurance company to prove you have the correct lighting requirements for your building and  that the equipment is being tested on a regular basis, as per the Australian Standards of Maintenance.

Annual Fire Safety Statements or Certificates are provided yearly, however the routine inspection of all Exit and Emergency lighting is every 6 months which consists of a 90 minute-discharge test.  This testing is to ensure your exit and emergency lights hold on for a long enough period to enable everyone to find their way out of your building as safely and as quickly as possible. All records are logged and are required to be documented and provided as evidence of compliance.

Calmer during Emergencies

Exit signs, or the running man as many people may know them, changed from the word “exit” to the running man pictogram design in 2006, and are installed throughout your building pointing in the direction to the nearest exit.  Emergency lighting can come in a range of different designs, the popular recessed spitfire light is easy to install and visually appealing. During an emergency first responders and emergency personal can get around a building, that they are not familiar with a lot faster when the emergency signs and lighting is in good working order.

How can we help?

Powered Electrical Data can compliance test Exit and Emergency lighting for your business or home which will include:

  • 90-minute battery testing either using manual testing or circuit breaker testing.
  • Inspecting and replacing bulbs and lights as needed.
  • Inspecting and replacing diffusers.
  • Inspecting and replacing batteries.
  • Cleaning all light reflecting surfaces to ensure maximum illumination.
  • Checking for compliance with current safety standards in terms of distance and sign type.
  • Documenting the tests completed for your safety logbook and maintenance book.

What Kind Emergency Lights are there?

Emergency Lights can come in a variety of different styles, each fixture must be correctly installed for that specific environment. 

Exit lights

These are placed within buildings internally to clearly illuminate the exits which are safe to be used during an evacuation.

The Importance of Exit and Emergency Lighting » Exit and emergency lighting

Batten Lights

These are usually used in stairwells and carparks when more visibility is required.

Oyster Emergency Lights

Oyster lights can be found in common areas such as apartments when large amounts of light is required however they are required to be visually appealing a fit in with the current décor.

Spotfire/Spitfire Lights

These are reduced in size so are perfect when the appearance of a building’s décor needs to be taken into consideration.

Emergency lighting isn’t used just in business but in you may find it in common areas of residential apartments and sometimes people install emergency lighting in their home for added peace of mind that they will be able to find their way in an emergency situation, or maybe just have a light source if they are prone to blackouts.

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Exit and emergency lighting provides a sense of assurance to anyone who may use your building, and businesses are required to comply with these standards to ensure all emergency lighting is in perfect working order

If you feel your building is not adequately covered then it is best to seek the advice of an expert.  Powered Electrical Data can provide a detailed quote to help get your building compliant with current Australian standards. We inspect and test emergency lighting in accordance with the Australian standards and can also provide safety switch testing, and electrical test and tag.  For all your electrical needs please contact us today!

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